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What conditions must Pakistan meet before a deal? Get money from…

The IMF has several conditions that must be met before it will agree to a loan package with Pakistan. These include:

  1. Fiscal consolidation: Implementing fiscal reforms, including broadening the tax base, improving tax collection, and reducing the budget deficit.
  2. Structural reforms: Implementing structural reforms to improve the efficiency of public sector management, governance, and the legal framework.
  3. Financial sector reforms: Strengthening the financial sector, including improving the transparency of financial institutions and addressing the underlying weaknesses in the banking system.
  4. Transparency: Enhancing transparency and accountability in the government’s fiscal and financial operations.
  5. Privatization: Allowing for privatization of state-owned enterprises and public sector organizations.
  6. Trade reforms: Implementing trade reforms to promote exports and increase foreign investment.
  7. Social protection: Strengthening social protection and safety nets to reduce poverty and vulnerability.
  8. Balance of payments support: Obtaining balance of payments support to help stabilize the economy.