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South Libyan Authorities Discover 2.5 Tons of Lost Uranium: Report

According to a report from the Middle East Monitor, authorities in southern Libya have discovered 2.5 tons of uranium that was lost during the country’s civil war in 2011. The discovery was made in the city of Sabha, located in the Fezzan region of southwestern Libya.

The uranium was reportedly found in an abandoned warehouse and is believed to have been hidden by members of the former Gaddafi regime in order to prevent it from falling into the hands of the rebels who were fighting against the regime. The uranium is believed to have come from Niger and was smuggled into Libya by Gaddafi’s regime.

The uranium has now been confiscated by the Libyan government and is being held in a secure location. Government officials are currently investigating the origins of the uranium and are working to determine who was responsible for bringing it into the country.

The discovery of the uranium highlights the ongoing instability in Libya and the potential for dangerous materials to fall into the wrong hands. It is yet another reminder of the need for stronger security measures to be put in place to ensure that such materials do not end up in the wrong hands.