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Russia’s 10-year plot to destabilise Moldova is revealed in a secret document

A classified document obtained by a Moldovan investigative news outlet, RISE Moldova, reveals a 10-year plan by the Russian government to destabilize Moldova. The plan, written by the Russian embassy in Chisinau, reportedly details a strategy to “penetrate Moldovan state institutions” and “initiate the collapse of Moldova’s government.”

The plan includes a number of measures, such as expanding Russia’s influence within the Moldovan government by installing friendly politicians and officials and pushing for the adoption of Russian-friendly policies. It also seeks to foment unrest and undermine the rule of law by supporting pro-Russian groups and targeting Moldovan media outlets that are critical of Russia.

The document also calls for creating economic dependence on Russia by expanding trade and investment ties, as well as pushing for the adoption of the Russian ruble as the official currency of Moldova. It also seeks to increase Russian cultural influence in the country by promoting Russian language, culture, and education.