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Prince Harry wants to sue a publisher for libel without a trial, as described in the case

Prince Harry is suing the publishers of the British tabloid The Mail on Sunday and its parent company, Associated Newspapers, for libel.

The lawsuit centers around a story that was published in the newspaper in October 2019. The article claimed that the Duke of Sussex had “abandoned” his military commitments after he stepped down as a senior royal. The article also claimed that the prince had “forgotten his duty” to the armed forces.

Prince Harry is seeking a summary judgment, which would allow the court to make a ruling without a trial. It is a rare move that is generally only used when there is an undisputed matter of fact or law. In this case, the prince is arguing that the story was false and defamatory and that the publisher had no defense for it.

Prince Harry’s lawyers also argue that the article was “particularly hurtful” because it suggested he had dishonored his military service, which was a “matter of great pride” to him.

The publishers of The Mail on Sunday have denied the prince’s claims, arguing that the article was based on a legitimate story and was not defamatory. They also say they have evidence to support their position and that the case should proceed to a full trial.

The judge in the case is currently considering whether to grant the summary judgment or allow the case to go to trial. A ruling is expected soon.