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Mexico will investigate alleged military human rights violations following allegations of spying

The Mexican government has announced that it will launch a full investigation into allegations of human rights abuses by the military after reports that the country’s spy agency had been illegally spying on citizens.

The move comes after an investigative report by Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) revealed that the country’s Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) had been monitoring the activities of journalists, activists, and other people suspected of being involved in organized crime.

The report also accused the AFI of using illegal methods, such as planting hidden microphones and cameras in people’s homes and offices, to collect information on their activities.

The CNDH has called on the Mexican government to launch an independent investigation into the allegations and to hold the AFI accountable for any human rights violations that may have occurred.

The Mexican government has responded to the report by announcing that it will form an inter-agency commission to investigate the allegations and ensure that any abuses are addressed.

The commission will be made up of representatives from the CNDH, the Attorney General’s Office, the National Security Commission, and the Ministry of the Interior.

The government has also promised to create a new and independent agency to oversee the activities of the AFI, and to ensure that it complies with all legal standards.