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Large victories in provincial elections go to the Dutch Farmers’ Party

The Dutch farmers’ party, the Partij voor de Vrijheid (PVV), won big in the provincial elections held in the Netherlands on Wednesday. The PVV, which advocates for rural interests, gained 15 seats across the country, the most of any single party. They also gained the most seats in the province of North Holland. The party’s leader, Geert Wilders, said that the result was a “clear sign” that the Dutch people had faith in the PVV and were willing to stand up for rural interests.

The PVV has been a major force in Dutch politics since it was founded in 2006. It has been a vocal opponent of the European Union and has campaigned for more autonomy for the Dutch countryside. The party has also been a strong advocate for more regional autonomy, and has opposed the centralization of power in the Hague.