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Global Carboxymethyl Cellulose Market Overview and Analysis of CP Kelco, Lihong, Ashland, Akzo Nobel, Wealthy, ShenGuang, Yingte, Lude Chemical, Quimica Amtex, Ugur Seluloz Kimya AS, Anqiu Eagle Cellulose, DKS, Xuzhou Liyuan, Fushixin, Dow, Maoyuan, Daicel, Nippon Paper Industries, Lamberti, Acıselsan and more

Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) is a water-soluble, white, odorless, non-toxic chemical derived from cellulose. It is used as a thickening agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, binder, and suspending agent in various products. It is also used in food, pharmaceuticals, paper, detergents, and construction.

CMC is used to increase the viscosity of aqueous solutions, as a stabilizer to prevent ingredients from separating, and a suspending agent to keep solids from settling in suspension. It is also used as an emulsifier to keep oil and water from separating. CMC is also used in paper and detergent industries, construction, and other industries.

The increasing demand for convenience foods and the rising demand for emulsifiers and stabilizers in the food industry are the key drivers of the market. The growing demand for CMC in the textile industry and its low cost are also expected to drive the market.

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The market size of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose is large, however the concentration of CMC is not quite high. From regional perspective, CMC’s production is mainly distributed in Asia and Europe. The supply of carboxymethylcellulose in North America and elsewhere is heavily dependent on these regions for import. Leading companies worldwide include CP Kelco, Ashland, Akzo Nobel, Daicel, Ugur Seluloz Kimya AS, DKS, Dow Chemical,etc. CP Kelco is the world’s largest supplier of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, accounting for 15% of global production.

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