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Covid-19 this year could become a problem similar to the flu

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Covid-19 could become a seasonal threat like the flu this year. This means that it could become an annual occurrence, with cases spiking during certain times of the year.

The WHO has warned that the virus could become a “long-term presence” in the world, and that it is important to remain vigilant and continue to take necessary steps to prevent its spread.

The WHO has advised countries to continue to strengthen their healthcare systems, follow public health measures such as physical distancing, handwashing, and wearing face masks, and to prepare for a potential resurgence of the virus. Vaccines are also being developed to help protect people from the virus, and the WHO has encouraged countries to invest in vaccine development.

The WHO also warned that other viruses, such as the flu, could also become a seasonal threat this year and urged countries to continue to take necessary steps to prevent the spread of all infectious diseases.