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Covid-19 discovered in Chinese raccoon dogs supports the notion of natural origin: Report

A new report from Chinese researchers has found evidence of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in raccoon dogs in China, strengthening the theory that the virus originated from animals.

The study, published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, tested tissue and fecal samples from raccoon dogs in Zhejiang Province and found that the animals had antibodies to the virus. The researchers also found that the virus was present in the raccoon dogs’ feces and noted that the virus strains present in the animals were similar to those found in humans.

The findings add to the growing evidence that the virus likely originated in animals, such as bats, and then spread to humans. The researchers noted that the virus was likely transmitted to raccoon dogs through contact with infected humans or animals.

The findings also suggest that the virus may have spread among raccoon dogs and other animals even before it was detected in humans. This could help explain why the virus has been so difficult to contain, as it may have been spreading in other animal populations before it was detected in humans.

The study also highlights the importance of animal surveillance in disease control and prevention. The researchers noted that raccoon dogs, which are widely found in China, could play an important role in monitoring the spread of the virus.