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A former pro-Khalistan leader claims that the “Khalistan Referendum” is an ISI plot with no relevance to Sikhs in India.

Former pro-Khalistan leader Simranjit Singh Mann has said that the ‘Khalistan Referendum’ being pushed by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is a “conspiracy” and has nothing to do with Sikhs living in India.

In a statement, Mann said that the referendum was not even a “remote possibility” and was being used by the ISI to “create unrest” in Punjab. He said that the ISI was using the referendum as a tool to “create communal tension” between Hindus and Sikhs in India.

He also said that the referendum was a “conspiracy” by Pakistan to destabilize India and “create a wedge between the Sikh and Hindu communities”. Mann said that the referendum was also being used by Pakistan to “spread hatred and violence” in the region.

Mann further said that the referendum was a “ploy” by the ISI and the Pakistan government to “create instability” in India. He said that the referendum was being used to “discredit” the Sikh community in India and to “divide Sikhs and Hindus”.

Mann also urged Sikhs in India to “remain united and not to be influenced” by the ISI’s “propaganda”.