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Xi tightens control as China unveiled a significant plan to reform government

Xi Jinping, the president of China, has announced a major plan to revamp the country’s governance system. The plan aims to strengthen the ruling Communist Party’s control over all aspects of the government, including the judiciary and the media.

The plan, which was announced on Sunday, calls for greater efforts to “ensure the Party’s leadership over all areas of governance,” and to “strengthen the Party’s overall leadership in the process of reform and development.”

The plan also seeks to strengthen the Party’s control over the military, the economy, and the media. The plan calls for greater efforts to “strengthen and improve the legal system and national security,” and to “ensure the rule of law and a unified, authoritative legal system.”

The plan also calls for increased censorship of the media, with the aim of “strengthening the leadership of the Party over public opinion.”

The plan is likely to further tighten Xi’s grip over the Chinese government, as he seeks to consolidate his power. In recent years, Xi has made a series of moves to strengthen the Party’s control over the government, such as introducing a new anti-corruption law and launching an unprecedented crackdown on dissent.

The plan is also likely to be met with criticism from human rights groups, who have accused the Chinese government of using censorship to stifle freedom of expression.