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Rishi Sunak, who receives criticism for his swimming pool, tries to ease the heat by allowing for public pools.

Rishi Sunak has recently announced that all local authorities will be allowed to use up to £500 million of their existing funding to build, maintain and operate new or existing public swimming pools. This move is part of the government’s commitment to making sure everyone in the UK has access to a safe and affordable local swimming facility. The announcement follows criticism of the chancellor’s decision to install a swimming pool in his home in North Yorkshire.

The government hopes that this will help to make swimming more accessible and affordable for everyone, regardless of their economic background. This move is part of the government’s wider vision to create a fairer society and promote physical activity among all people.

The announcement has been met with both praise and criticism, with some arguing that the money could have been better spent elsewhere. However, the government is hopeful that this move will make swimming more accessible and encourage people to get more active.