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Hindu girls are still being kidnapped and coerced into conversion in Pakistan.

It is a sad reality that abduction, forced conversion, and marriage of Hindu girls to Muslim men continues to be a problem in Pakistan. According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, more than 1,000 such cases have been reported in Sindh since 2013, and many more cases are believed to go unreported.

The issue of forced conversions has been a long-standing problem in Pakistan, with Hindu girls from the Sindh province being most vulnerable. The perpetrators of these crimes often target the most vulnerable and marginalized girls in the society, who come from poor and lower-caste families.

The perpetrators of these crimes have often been able to get away with their actions due to the lack of legal protection and recourse available to the victims and their families. In addition, the victims’ families often face additional pressure from the community and are often unable to seek justice or protection.

Recently, the government of Pakistan has taken steps to address the issue. In October 2020, the Sindh Assembly passed the Sindh Criminal Law (Protection of Minorities) Bill, 2020, which criminalizes forced conversions and provides legal protection to religious minorities. The government is also working on a national law to criminalize forced conversions.

However, in order to truly end this practice, the government must take more concrete steps to ensure that perpetrators of this crime are held accountable and that the victims and their families are able to receive justice. This includes providing more resources to the police and judiciary, creating awareness among the public, and providing more resources to the victims and their families.