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From India, Buddhism grew like a banyan tree, according to Prof. Anupa Pande.

Buddhism spread like a Banyan tree from India, said Professor Anupa Pande, a professor at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts. She stressed the importance of India’s contribution to the growth and spread of Buddhism.

Prof Pande pointed out that the religion was introduced to other countries through Buddhist missionaries from India. The religion traveled along the Silk Road to China and then to other countries in East and Southeast Asia. Prof Pande also said that Buddhism was one of the most important religions and philosophies of the ancient world, and that its influence has been felt in India, and further afield, for centuries.

Prof Pande said that Buddhism was a major influence in the development of Indian art and culture, and that the religion was a great source of inspiration for Indian writers and artists. She added that Buddhist teachings had also had a major impact on many cultures outside India, and that it was important to recognize India’s role in the spread of Buddhism.

Overall, Professor Anupa Pande highlighted the importance of India’s role in the growth and spread of Buddhism and its influence on other cultures. She emphasized how India had been instrumental in introducing Buddhism to the world and how it had left a lasting impact on many cultures.