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China’s Ministry of Defense calls Japan’s return to militarization a perilous course

China’s defence ministry has warned that Japan is on a dangerous path of militarisation and has called on Tokyo to adhere to the path of peaceful development.

In a statement at the end of a regular press conference on Wednesday, spokesperson Wu Qian said Japan’s recent moves, such as revising the interpretation of its pacifist Constitution, have raised concerns in the region and beyond.

“China is deeply concerned about Japan’s recent moves, which are leading the country down a dangerous path of militarisation,” Wu said.

He added that China had always opposed any moves that would undermine peace and stability in the region, and urged Japan to “abide by the basic principles of the UN Charter, and to adhere to the path of peaceful development”.

Japan has recently passed a set of security bills that allow its Self-Defense Forces to participate in collective self-defense. It has also reinterpreted its pacifist Constitution to allow for limited military action overseas.

These moves have been sharply criticised by China, which views them as a move towards militarisation.