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Major conclusions from China’s annual political meetings: Xi tightens control and hardens stance against US

Strengthened National Security: The National People’s Congress, China’s top legislature, approved a controversial national security law for Hong Kong that will allow China to crack down on protests, secessionist movements, and other activities deemed to threaten national security.

Hardened Stance on US: China has hardened its stance on the US in recent years, with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi accusing Washington of “suppressing” China’s rise and “undermining” international law.

Increased Military Spending: China plans to increase its military spending by 6.6% this year, its highest rate of growth in three years.

Tighter Grip on Social Media: Chinese officials have also adopted a stricter approach to regulating the internet, with the introduction of a new social media law that imposes greater restrictions on user content.

Bolstered Relations with China’s Neighbors: China has sought to strengthen its relations with neighboring countries, signing a new trade agreement with South Korea and recently holding talks with Japan and South Korea on a trilateral free-trade agreement.