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Turkey earthquake: The BBC reports from Antakya, which has been reduced to ruins

BBC reporter Mark Lowen has been in Antakya, a city in Turkey’s Hatay province, to report on the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck the region on Friday.

In his reports, Lowen has described the devastation in the city, which has been reduced to rubble. He has spoken to survivors, many of whom have lost their homes and possessions, and has seen the desperate search for survivors under the rubble.

Lowen has also highlighted the lack of aid reaching the city, despite the desperate need. He has described how many of the survivors are sleeping in parks, or in the open air, due to their inability to return to their homes.

Lowen’s reporting has been praised for its insight into the suffering of the city’s people and the urgent need for help. The BBC’s coverage of the earthquake has been praised by many for its depth and sensitivity.