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Turkey earthquake: Bodies in the streets after the quake as outrage over aid grows

The scenes of devastation following the powerful earthquake that struck Turkey’s southwestern province of Izmir on Friday were truly heartbreaking. Reports of bodies lying in the streets and people searching through rubble for survivors were all too familiar in the wake of such a powerful disaster.

But as authorities continue to search for survivors, anger is growing over the lack of aid and support received by those affected. Many of those affected by the earthquake are now sleeping in tents, with no help on the way.

The government has promised aid and support, but it is not yet clear how much or when it will arrive. This has led to accusations that the government is not doing enough to help those affected by the earthquake.

The Turkish Red Crescent has been providing aid and support to those affected but it is not enough. There is a growing call from citizens for international aid to help those in need.

The Turkish government has said that it is doing all it can to help those affected by the earthquake, but the truth of the matter is that it needs more help. International aid and support are desperately needed to help those affected by the earthquake and to ensure that they receive the help and support they need.