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The US Navy has released photographs of debris from a Chinese spy balloon

The US Navy has released photos of debris from what is believed to be a Chinese spy balloon that was found near the US military base on Guam. The balloon, which appears to be a large, metallic sphere, was discovered by a Navy sailor on a beach in Guam, and is believed to be part of an intelligence-gathering mission by the Chinese military.

The photos released by the Navy show the balloon in various stages of disarray. It appears to have been partially damaged, with some of the metal panels missing and a large hole in the top. The balloon also appears to have been designed to be inflated with gas, as the Navy confirms that it was filled with helium.

The discovery of the balloon has raised questions about whether China is using similar surveillance devices to spy on US military operations in the region. The US military has not commented on the incident, but it is believed that they are monitoring the situation closely.