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US and Germany agree to supply battle tanks to Ukraine in a significant move

On August 24, 2020, the United States and Germany announced a major shift in their policy towards Ukraine, agreeing to provide battle tanks to the country’s military. The move is a significant shift from the previous stance of both countries, which had been reluctant to arm Ukraine due to concerns about escalating the conflict with Russia.

The tanks, which are expected to arrive in Ukraine by the end of the year, will be used by the Ukrainian military to help defend against Russian aggression in the region. The move has been welcomed by Ukrainian officials, as well as some of their Western allies, as a necessary step to deter Russian aggression and help protect Ukraine’s sovereignty.

While the United States and Germany are the first major Western powers to provide arms to Ukraine, other countries are expected to follow suit. France, for instance, has already expressed its support for the move, and is likely to provide more military assistance to Ukraine in the coming months.

Ultimately, the decision to arm Ukraine marks a major shift in the international community’s approach to the conflict in the region. It is hoped that the move will provide a much-needed boost to Ukraine’s military capabilities, and will help to deter Russian aggression.