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The aircraft’s black box will be sent from Nepal to Singapore for analysis

Nepal has announced plans to send the black box of a crashed aircraft to Singapore for examination.

The black box was recovered from the wreckage of a US-Bangla Airlines plane that crashed at Kathmandu’s Tribhuwan International Airport in March 2018. The box is believed to contain vital information which could help explain the cause of the crash.

The Nepal Civil Aviation Authority said that the box will be sent to the Air Accidents Investigation Bureau in Singapore for examination. The box will be accompanied by a team of Nepali aviation experts who will provide assistance with the analysis. The box is expected to arrive in Singapore by the end of April 2018.

The exact cause of the crash, which killed 51 people, is still unknown. However, investigators have said that the pilot was likely to blame, as he made several mistakes during the landing procedure. The results of the examination of the black box will be key in determining the exact cause of the crash.