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Global Multiple Rocket Launchers Market Overview and Analysis of Lockheed Martin, NORINCO GROUP, Splav, Roketsan, Avibras, IMI and more

Multiple rocket launchers (MRLs) are weapons systems that fire multiple rockets simultaneously. They are typically used to deliver large amounts of firepower in a short period of time. MRLs are also known as rocket artillery, rocket launchers, and rocket pods.

MRLs are typically used by militaries for attacking enemy forces or targets in the battlefield. They are generally used to suppress enemy fire, lay down smoke screens, or deliver smoke and incendiary rounds. MRLs can also be used for attacking enemy fortifications and bunkers.

MRLs have been used in a variety of conflicts around the world, including the Korean War, Vietnam War, and the Gulf War. They have also been used in recent conflicts such as the war in Afghanistan, Iraq War, and the Syrian civil war.

The United States is the world’s largest producer and exporter of MRLs. Other major suppliers of MRLs include China, Russia, and India. The United States and Russia are also the two largest users of MRLs.

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The major global companies of Multiple Rocket Launchers include Lockheed Martin, NORINCO GROUP, Splav, Roketsan, Avibras, IMI etc. In 2021, the world’s top three vendors accounted for approximately % of the revenue.

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