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Two British guys slain in Ukraine while serving as volunteers: Families

Two British men killed in fight with Ukrainian government forces were shot dead near the front line yesterday, according to two families.

Two British volunteers working in Ukraine as part of a project to protect vulnerable children were shot dead by the Russian-backed separatists, their families said.

Two British volunteers working as translators in Ukraine have been killed by an “unknown assailant” after being found stabbed to death in their car. Akhmed Khukov, 24, and Pavel Malyshev, 27, were found with multiple stab wounds in the car they were travelling in near Kiev on Thursday evening. A family member of the volunteers called them ‘heroes’ not just for the work they did but for going out and doing it despite having little money and uncertain futures.

Families of two UK men who were killed in Ukraine in 2015 have criticised their “isolated” funerals. Ali David Sonboly, 18, and Majid Borji, 30, both from Stoke-on-Trent, were shot by a gunman who then turned the gun on himself in July 2015. Police are still investigating if it was a terrorist act or just a random attack by someone with mental health problems.