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Top Ukrainian officials resigned as part of an anti-corruption drive

Two top Ukrainian officials have resigned as part of a government drive to tackle high-level corruption.

The first deputy head of the National Bank of Ukraine, Kateryna Rozhkova, and her deputy, Yakiv Smolii, both resigned on Friday.

Rozhkova said in a statement that she was stepping down to bring “greater transparency” to the bank and to “create a new impetus for anti-corruption reforms”.

Smolii also said he was stepping down to “strengthen trust” in the bank.

The resignations come as part of a broader anti-corruption drive by the Ukrainian government, which has been under pressure from the International Monetary Fund to tackle corruption.

In recent months, Ukraine has passed a number of laws aimed at increasing transparency and accountability in government, including a new anti-corruption court and measures to make it easier to investigate and prosecute corruption.

The resignations are seen as a sign that the government is serious about tackling corruption.