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The Pakistani government is concerned about losing support before the elections as a result of the IMF arrangement.

The Pakistani government is certainly cognizant of the fact that the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) proposed bailout package could negatively impact its popularity ahead of the upcoming elections. The government has been trying to avoid signing the deal, but has found it increasingly difficult to do so as the economic situation continues to deteriorate.

The recent devaluation of the Pakistani rupee has been particularly damaging, and the government has had to scramble to find ways to raise funds to help prop up the economy. The IMF deal is seen as one of the few options available, but it will come with tough economic conditions that could negatively affect the government’s popularity.

These conditions include budget cuts, an increase in taxes, and an increase in electricity prices. In addition, the Pakistani government will also need to make improvements to its fiscal management and transparency policies. It is likely that the IMF deal will be unpopular with the public, as it will result in higher prices and less access to government services.

However, the government is aware that it needs to take action in order to stabilize the economy. Despite the potential risks of pursuing an IMF deal, the government knows that it needs to take action soon in order to prevent further economic decline.