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The case against Trump is complicated by how Biden handled confidential documents

Joe Biden’s handling of secret documents from his time as Vice President of the United States has complicated the case against President Donald Trump. The documents were recently revealed to be part of a larger cache of records that the Trump administration had sought to keep secret. Although the documents do not directly implicate President Trump, they are significant because they could provide evidence of potential wrongdoing. For example, the documents appear to show that the Trump administration sought to improperly influence the Justice Department’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

The documents also include contacts between the Trump campaign and foreign powers, which could provide further evidence of foreign interference in the election. Biden’s handling of the documents has raised questions about whether he had a proper procedure in place to ensure that sensitive documents were not leaked and whether he deliberately kept the documents hidden from public view. This could potentially be used as ammunition by President Trump’s legal team in their defense against any potential charges.