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In light of memories of a traumatic past, Peruvian families want compensation for protester deaths

Peruvian families are demanding reparations for protester deaths, as the country continues to grapple with the painful legacy of a violent past. The families of slain protesters who took to the streets of Lima in late November to demand the resignation of President Martín Vizcarra are seeking justice and reparations for the deaths and injuries caused by security forces.

The families are calling for an independent investigation into the events surrounding the deadly clashes. They also want the government to pay reparations for the victims and their families, to ensure that such events never happen again.

The demand for reparations comes at a time when Peru is struggling to come to terms with its dark history of human rights abuses. The period of violence and repression that began in the 1980s left more than 70,000 dead or disappeared. In recent months, Peru has been rocked by protests over inequality and corruption, with Vizcarra’s government accused of mishandling the crisis.

The push for reparations is a reminder of the country’s troubled past and a sign of the growing demand for justice and accountability. The families of the victims are determined to get their loved ones the justice they deserve and to ensure that such tragedies never happen again.