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Due of violence, there are alcohol restrictions in Alice Springs, Australia

The Australian town of Alice Springs has implemented an alcohol restriction to combat alcohol-related violence. The restriction is in place from 9 pm to 8 am daily, and bans the sale, supply, and possession of alcohol in certain areas. The restrictions also include a ban on drinking in public, including on footpaths, and in parks and reserves.

The restrictions are intended to reduce the number of alcohol-related assaults and other offences, which have been on the rise in Alice Springs in recent years. The restrictions have been welcomed by local police, who have reported a decrease in alcohol-related offences since the restrictions came into effect.

The restrictions have not been universally welcomed, however, with some critics claiming that they are unfair and ineffective. Others have argued that the restrictions unfairly target Indigenous Australians, who are more likely than other demographics to be affected by the restrictions.

The restrictions have also been criticized for being too lenient, with some arguing that more stringent measures are needed to address the issue of alcohol-related violence in Alice Springs.