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As the number of sex crime prosecutions against police personnel rises, trust in the London police department is eroding

The recent sex crime cases involving police officers in London have caused public confidence in the police force to plummet. The allegations of assault and misconduct have cast a dark cloud over what was already a difficult period for the Metropolitan Police. In the past year, the force has faced public criticism over its handling of the Grenfell Tower fire and the Windrush scandal. This has caused people to question the competence and trustworthiness of the police.

The Met Police have sought to address these issues by launching an independent review into the handling of sex crime cases. The review will look at how such cases are investigated and the effectiveness of any disciplinary action taken. The review will also seek to identify any guidance and training that could be improved.

The police force has also taken steps to increase transparency in its operations. In particular, the force has started to publish more detailed information about the outcomes of misconduct hearings. This information will help to reassure the public that the police are taking the correct action in cases of alleged misconduct.