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All you need to know about the Union Budget App, which will be used to present the 2023 Budget

Union Budget of India for the year 2023 was announced on February 1, 2019. It was earlier known as Hindi or Lok Sabha resolution or Rajya Sabha motion. Now you can get all the details on your mobile phone. All you need to know about Union Budget App is here in this article

Union Budget app is all set to take the nation by storm this year. It will help citizens stay updated on the preparations and releases of Union Budget in real time. The government has also launched a new feature called ‘Budget Analyzer’ which will help you analyse any data you want within a click, who released what and when this was announced, etc.

If you followed the Union Budget, you might have noticed that Finance Minister Piyush Goyal started his speech by showing a video of the future. “I am here to speak about the future of India – our vision for the next five years and beyond”, he said. The Budget brought in several biometric schemes such as Aadhar and UPI Payments, but one new one that is important is the Budget app. This budget app will allow taxpayers to file their tax returns easily through an integrated user interface or interface on smartphones and tablets.

Governor Devendra Fadnavis of Maharashtra is all set to present the Union Budget in the Lok Sabha on February 1. And just a day after that announcement, the digital market has been flooded with news and analysis of what each minister is likely to reveal and do.