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Airlines will now pay passengers back for downgraded tickets. Read more here

Starting Nov. 14, airlines will reimburse you for a ticket decrease in fare or booking class for your next flight.

Passengers will get a $200 voucher and the airline will pay for their change in flight costs if they’re bumped from a flight. The more passengers downgraded, the greater the reimbursement potential is. Details here

Flyers will now be reimbursed by airlines for ticket downgrades, requiring them to pay the difference between what was paid and the actual fare that the customer would have paid. How the new policy works: When a flyer chooses an option other than their first choice, they can no longer enjoy the value they originally paid for that ticket. Nor will they qualify for refunds if they are able to get on another flight or have their original flight canceled (even when this is due to weather conditions). But this time, it is important to note that airlines do now have a CHOICE about what to do with these customers at the time of booking. In some cases, this may mean that carriers choose not to honor claims for refunds if a customer can’t be moved within the standard timeframe allotted by their current schedule.