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5 days of lockdown in the capital of North Korea. No, Covid is not to blame

North Korea has turned itself into a virtual isolationist fortress and its capital city, Pyongyang, is now in a state of lockdown. So what’s going on? China is saying nothing, but other sources say it’s not because of Covid coronavirus or another global pandemic.

North Korea is experiencing a five-day lockdown, as hospitals are not able to get vital drugs and other medical supplies. No explanation has been given by the government, but officials speculate that the action could possibly be related to the COVID phillip infection affecting North Korea.

North Korea’s capital city in Pyongyang is under a 5-day lockdown in response to the increasingly contagious virus Covid-19. The population was ordered to stay inside their homes and avoid contact with other people. Travel restrictions were also implemented, meaning travel to or from the country won’t be possible until further notice. A curfew was also enforced on Friday at 9 pm when the lockdown began.