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Zomato announces 800 job openings despite widespread layoffs, claiming “24/7 job, no work-life balance”

The recent announcement by Zomato to post 800 job vacancies amidst mass layoffs has caused an uproar among the public about their terms of employment. Reports have suggested that the jobs advertised by Zomato come with “24*7 availability” and “no work-life balance”.

This has caused considerable concern among the job seekers, who are worried that they would be expected to work long hours without any respite. They fear that such an arrangement would lead to extreme physical and mental exhaustion.

In response to this, Zomato has clarified that the jobs advertised by them come with flexible hours, and that they do not expect employees to work round the clock. However, they have acknowledged that the nature of some of their jobs require employees to be available at odd hours.

It is important for companies like Zomato to ensure that their employees have a healthy work-life balance, and their terms of employment should take this into account. If companies do not take adequate measures to ensure a healthy working environment, it could lead to decreased job satisfaction, productivity and morale amongst their employees.