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US and Mexico remain at odds over a ban on grain imports

Mexico and the United States remain far apart on resolving a dispute over Mexico’s import ban on U.S. corn, with Mexico’s government standing firm on the ban and the U.S. government pressing for a resolution.

The dispute centers on a ban imposed by Mexico in June on imports of U.S. corn amid allegations that the U.S. was dumping subsidized corn into the Mexican market, driving down prices.

The U.S. government has pushed back against the ban, arguing that it violates international trade rules and could hurt U.S. farmers. The U.S. has threatened to impose retaliatory tariffs on Mexican imports if the dispute is not resolved.

Mexico has maintained that the ban is necessary to protect its domestic corn growers from the effects of U.S. corn imports, and that it is in compliance with international trade rules.

The two countries are still far apart on a resolution and it is unclear whether they can reach an agreement. Mexico has signaled that it is willing to discuss potential solutions, but has refused to back down on the ban.