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Russia’s battle gives a Cold War icon new life

The end of the Cold War marked a period of relative peace and stability between Russia and the West, but recent events have put the two sides back on a course of confrontation. Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and its military intervention in Syria have reignited tensions and brought back the specter of the Cold War. One of the most enduring symbols of that era is the Berlin Wall, which separated East and West Germany for decades and came to symbolize the divide between the two superpowers.

As Russia’s war in Ukraine continues, the Berlin Wall has taken on a new relevance. In October 2015, a Russian-backed political party in Berlin organized a demonstration in which a replica of the Berlin Wall was erected. The wall was meant to symbolize the struggle between Russia and the West, and participants carried signs that said, “Russia and the West will never be friends.” The demonstration was seen as a show of support for Russia’s actions in Ukraine, and a reminder of the perils of a divided Europe.