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Pakistan claims that power has been restored and blames the previous administration for the “largest-ever” blackouts

Pakistan’s federal energy minister has claimed that the country has restored power after it experienced what he described as “the largest-ever” blackouts.

The minister, Omar Ayub Khan, said the blackouts had been caused by an “unprecedented” load shedding exercise that was initiated by the previous government. He said that the government had worked hard to restore power, and that the country was now “out of the woods”.

Khan also said that the government was committed to addressing the underlying causes of the blackout, including addressing issues related to the electricity infrastructure and power plants. He added that the government would also be working to improve the efficiency of the electricity distribution network.

The government is also reportedly planning to take measures to ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future. These measures are expected to include improved maintenance of infrastructure, the adoption of renewable energy sources, and improved regulation of the electricity market.