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Food suppliers respond to Tesco chair in price increase dispute

Pakistan power cut: Major cities without electricity after grid breakdownFood suppliers have hit back at Tesco chair John Allan’s comments that they should “stop complaining” about price hikes and focus on becoming more efficient.

The suppliers’ representatives said that the chair’s comments were “out of touch and offensive” and that they were trying to survive in a difficult market.

The Chair had suggested that suppliers should “stop complaining” and instead focus on increasing their efficiency and reducing costs to keep prices down.

However, representatives from the National Farmers Union and the Federation of Small Businesses said that suppliers have already taken measures to become more efficient and that the price hikes were not the only problem. They said that the Chair’s comments showed a lack of understanding of the challenges facing small suppliers.

They added that Tesco should be doing more to help its suppliers, rather than simply expecting them to take on all the cost-cutting measures.