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First since 2017 Joe Biden appoints a North Korea human rights envoy

On Monday, President Joe Biden named Robert King as his special envoy for North Korea human rights. King, a former U.S. ambassador to Cambodia, is the first envoy to be appointed to the role since 2017. In a statement released by the White House, President Biden said King “will help ensure the United States never forgets the inhuman and degrading treatment of the North Korean people.”

King will lead the U.S. government’s efforts to promote human rights in North Korea and advocate for the freedom of those living in the country. He will work to ensure that the U.S. remains focused on the plight of the North Korean people and continues to raise the issue in diplomatic negotiations. In his statement, President Biden noted that the U.S. will continue to hold North Korea accountable for its human rights violations and “will not waver in its commitment to defend those who cannot defend themselves.”