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After declaring an emergency, Brazil AIRLIFTS starve Yanomami people, according to reports

In May 2020, reports surfaced that the Brazilian government had airlifted hundreds of starving Yanomami people to a hospital in Roraima, in the country’s northern region, after declaring a state of emergency in the area. The Yanomami are an indigenous people living in the Amazon rainforest.

The airlift was part of a larger effort by the Brazilian government to address the humanitarian crisis facing the Yanomami people. The government also dispatched a team of medical professionals to provide medical care and supplies to the affected areas. Reports indicated that the Yanomami people had been suffering from severe malnutrition, dehydration, and respiratory infections due to a lack of access to clean water, food, and healthcare.

The Brazilian government has promised to continue providing humanitarian aid to the Yanomami people, and has also promised to investigate why the situation deteriorated to such a critical level. The government has also promised to ensure that the Yanomami people receive the same rights and protections as other citizens of Brazil.