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Warplanes escort a Ryanair flight from Poland to Greece amid bomb alerts

A Ryanair flight from Krakow, Poland to Athens, Greece was escorted by two Greek fighter jets on Saturday morning due to a bomb alert.

The Greek air force said the jets intercepted the flight after receiving a call that a bomb was on board the plane.

The plane was grounded at Athens International Airport and police searched the plane and luggage. No explosives were found and the flight continued on its journey to Athens.

Ryanair said the incident had been a “false alarm” and thanked the authorities for their swift response.

The Greek air force said the two jets had escorted the plane in accordance with its rules for responding to bomb threats.

This is not the first time Ryanair flights have been escorted by military jets due to a bomb threat. In 2017, a flight from Vilnius to Dublin was similarly escorted after a bomb alert.