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Swedish PM Condemns Stockholm’s Quran Burning as “Deeply Disrespectful”

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has condemned the burning of a Quran at an event in Stockholm, which was organized by a group of far-right activists.

Löfven said the burning was “deeply disrespectful” and “not in line with our values of equality and respect”.

“This kind of action only serves to deepen divisions and sow hatred,” he said in a statement.

The event was attended by several far-right activists, including the leader of the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats party.

The Quran burning was met with outrage from both the Muslim community and civil rights groups in Sweden. The Swedish Council of Imams said in a statement that it was “a cowardly and despicable act”.

Löfven went on to state that freedom of expression is a right that must be respected, but that it must also be used responsibly. He said that the burning of the Quran was an “unacceptable way” to express one’s opinion.

Löfven called on all Swedes to stand together against those who seek to divide the country and to promote tolerance and respect.