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African music singers face “ritual humiliations” when attempting to enter Europe with a visa

African music stars are increasingly facing difficulties in obtaining visas to travel to Europe. The visa application process is often laborious and stressful, with applicants facing ‘ritual humiliations’ as part of their applications.

The visa application process for African music stars is often long and arduous, with the process varying from country to country. In some cases, the visa application process can take months. Applicants often face intrusive questioning and must provide detailed information about their personal and professional backgrounds.

In addition, some applicants face ‘ritual humiliations’, such as having their bank account details checked and being asked to provide evidence of their professional success. The process is often further complicated by the fact that many African countries do not have embassies in Europe, making it difficult to apply for visas.

The difficulties faced by African music stars in obtaining visas to Europe often mean that they are unable to attend important music events, such as music festivals and concerts. This can also have an impact on their careers, as they are unable to gain exposure in Europe, which could lead to opportunities for further success.

In order to address this issue, some countries are now introducing visa-on-arrival schemes, which allow African artists to travel to Europe without having to go through a lengthy and complicated visa application process. These schemes are being trialled in countries such as France and Germany, and could be extended to other countries in the future.

Overall, African music stars often face significant difficulties in obtaining visas to Europe. This can have a negative impact on their careers, as they are unable to access opportunities and gain exposure in Europe. In order to address this issue, countries should consider introducing visa-on-arrival schemes, which would make it easier for African music stars to travel to Europe.