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Unacceptable error in judgement: UN apologises for staff photo taken in front of Taliban flag

The United Nations has apologised after a photo emerged of its personnel in front of a Taliban flag during a mission in Afghanistan.

The photo, which was taken at a meeting in Kabul between UN staff and Taliban representatives, showed a UN official posing for a picture with the Taliban flag in the background.

The lapse in judgment was criticised by the Afghan government, which called it “unacceptable” and urged the UN to “ensure that such incidents do not happen in future”.

In response, the UN issued a statement apologising for the incident.

“The United Nations would like to apologise for the inappropriate photo taken at the meeting in Kabul on October 8, 2019,” the statement read.

“We acknowledge that the photo is not in line with the values and principles of the United Nations and we take this incident very seriously. We are taking immediate steps to ensure that such incidents do not happen in future.”