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Peru in disarray as calls for the president’s resignation get louder: 10 points


  1. Protests in Peru have intensified, demanding the resignation of President Martin Vizcarra amid allegations of corruption and a lack of accountability.
  2. Protesters are demanding that Vizcarra step down immediately, saying that the president has failed to address the country’s urgent needs and has been unable to stem the country’s economic crisis.
  3. Demonstrators are criticizing Vizcarra for his alleged involvement in a corruption scandal involving his political party, and have expressed outrage over his government’s handling of the pandemic and the economic crisis.
  4. The demonstrations have been largely peaceful, with protesters marching and holding signs calling for Vizcarra’s resignation.
  5. The protests have been backed by various political parties, including the left-wing Frente Amplio, who have called on Vizcarra to step down.
  6. Peru’s Congress has voted to begin an impeachment process against Vizcarra, citing “moral incapacity” as the reason for their decision.