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The World Uyghur Congress has lost its legal challenge to UK authorities

The World Uyghur Congress (WUC), an international organization that campaigns for the rights of the Uyghur people in the Chinese region of Xinjiang, has lost a legal challenge against the UK’s Home Office and Foreign Office for their refusal to grant it a visa.

The WUC had sought to send its president Dolkun Isa to London in order to attend a parliamentary event in October 2018. The Home Office denied the visa application on the basis that Isa was suspected of having engaged in terrorism-related activities, a claim that the WUC denied. The Court of Appeal, however, found in favour of the UK authorities, ruling that the decision to deny the visa was lawful and did not breach the European Convention on Human Rights.

The WUC said it was disappointed with the ruling, but vowed to continue to fight for the rights of the Uyghur people.