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According to a research, top chefs describe their employment as “like going to war”

A new study has found that elite chefs view their work in the kitchen as being akin to being in a war zone. The research, conducted by the University of Liverpool, surveyed experienced chefs from around the UK and found that they felt under considerable pressure in the kitchen, with some even referring to it as “going to war”.

The study found that many chefs felt under pressure to produce high-quality food quickly, and this pressure led to feelings of anxiety, stress, and exhaustion. It also found that chefs often had to deal with difficult customers and high expectations, which could lead to feelings of frustration and anger.

The researchers suggest that the kitchen environment can be a difficult place to work, and that chefs need to be supported and encouraged to take breaks and look after their mental health. They stress that it is important for chefs to be able to express their feelings openly and be given the necessary support to ensure they can cope with the pressures of the job.

The findings of the study provide a valuable insight into the experiences of elite chefs and the challenges they face. It highlights the need for better support for chefs to ensure they can work in a safe and healthy environment.