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Ukraine praises the United States for its “strong” $2.5 billion defence package

The Ukrainian government has thanked the United States for a “powerful” $2.5 billion defence package intended to help the country defend itself against Russian aggression.

“Ukraine highly appreciates the US decision to provide Ukraine with powerful defence capabilities and expresses its gratitude to the US Congress and the Administration for their support of the Ukrainian state,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said in a statement.

The package includes military and technical assistance, including Javelin anti-tank missiles and other weapons, as well as training and equipment for the Ukrainian armed forces. Klimkin said the package would help Ukraine strengthen its defence capabilities and counter Russian aggression in the region.

“The assistance provided by the United States is a clear signal that the United States is ready to step up its support for Ukraine and to stand by us in the face of Russian aggression,” he said. “We are grateful for this powerful expression of solidarity with the Ukrainian people.”