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New satellite photographs show “China building dam near border with India, Nepal”

New satellite images have revealed that China is building a dam near its border with India and Nepal. The dam, which is located in the Tibetan Autonomous Region and is being built on the Yarlung Tsangpo river, is being constructed by China’s Gezhouba Group and is set to be completed by 2021.

The dam, which is estimated to be 180 metres high, is the latest in a series of Chinese hydropower projects in the region, and it has been the source of some controversy due to its proximity to India and Nepal. Both countries have voiced their concerns about the potential impact the dam could have on their rivers, with some experts warning that it could cause flooding in the region.

Chinese officials have stated that the dam is intended to be used for hydropower generation, and that it will have no negative environmental impact. However, there are still concerns about the project, as it is located close to the border with India and Nepal, and could potentially disrupt the flow of water between the countries.

The Indian government has yet to officially comment on the dam, but the Indian media has reported on the project, and has raised concerns about the potential security risks associated with the dam. Nepal has also expressed its concerns about the project, with the country’s Minister of Water Resources, Arjun Thapa, saying that “Nepal cannot accept any unilateral decision by China”.

At present, there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the project, and it remains to be seen how India and Nepal will respond to the Chinese dam. It is clear, however, that the project has the potential to cause serious environmental and security concerns.