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Global Aircraft Rigid Removable Tanks Market Overview and Analysis of ContiTech, Meggitt, Zodiac, ATL, Vetus, IMTRA, Magam Safety, GEI Works, Plastimo, Turtle-Pac, Musthane and more

Aircraft Rigid Removable Tanks (ARRTs) are fuel tanks designed to be installed and removed from an aircraft with relative ease. They are typically constructed from a rigid shell, usually of aluminium or composite material, and are fitted with an internal bladder made from a fuel-resistant material such as neoprene. The bladder is then filled with fuel from an external source, and the entire tank is then attached to the aircraft.

ARRTs are most commonly used for short-haul flights or for military operations where an aircraft needs to be refueled quickly and easily. The tanks can be quickly and easily attached to the aircraft, and the fuel is then transferred directly to the aircraft. This eliminates the need for long refuelling stops, and allows for quicker and more efficient operations.

ARRTs are becoming increasingly popular around the world as they provide a cost-effective solution for increasing fuel capacity and efficiency on aircraft. In the US, the US Air Force has been using ARRTs since the early 2000s, while the UK Royal Air Force has recently added the technology to their fleet. In Europe, ARRTs are being used by a number of airlines, such as easyJet, Ryanair, and Lufthansa. Overall, the global usage of ARRTs is increasing, as it provides a reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional fuel storage methods.

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The major global companies of Aircraft Rigid Removable Tanks include ContiTech, Meggitt, Zodiac, ATL, Vetus, IMTRA, Magam Safety, GEI Works and Plastimo, etc. In 2021, the world’s top three vendors accounted for approximately % of the revenue.

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