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“Fresh veggies… battle preparedness,” Xi Jinping commands border guards from India and China

In response to the ongoing tensions between India and China at the border, Chinese President Xi Jinping has called on border troops from both countries to “improve combat readiness and strengthen exchanges and coordination.”

Xi Jinping issued the call during a visit to a military base in the Chinese city of Chengdu. He said that troops should stay alert and prepared, and that they should be ready to respond to any situation. He also urged troops to increase exchanges and coordination with their counterparts in India, and he asked them to focus on strengthening their combat readiness.

Xi Jinping’s call comes as India and China have been locked in a tense stand-off along their shared border. In recent weeks, Indian and Chinese troops have clashed several times, resulting in casualties. Both sides have since agreed to de-escalate the situation and take measures to restore peace and stability along the border.